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The “ageless” woman rewrites the new era beauty industry rules



The 30-year journey of “marrying” with the beauty industry so that a woman diligently writes the Thanh Hang Beauty Medi brand name through many ups and downs and achieves the present achievements.

Meeting her – CEO Dang Thanh Hang – Chairman of Thanh Hang Group, after the Covid season was the “gut” from a hearted and influential businessman in the beauty industry in particular and health care in general. .

30 year journey – “enough for a human to grow up”. Looking back on the journey you have passed, how do you feel about the milestone you have achieved?

A long way in 30 years and many ups and downs. I am a person who does not understand much about medicine but the mindset of a fair, honest and respectful business with accumulated lessons helps me retain good people from many developed countries in beauty technology to create. the leading prestigious brand in Vietnam – Thanh Hang Beauty Medi.

During my 30-year journey for Vietnamese beauty, I am always proud of my personal brand value, always putting the interests of customers, myself and associates together, maintaining a prestigious image. credit for businesses with the motto of sustainable business, bringing “real” value to customers.

“There is no sea that is forever calm” – The last epidemic season is like the hidden waves that have made many businesses “sunk”. What difficulties did you encounter?

Since the first quarter of this year, the revenue of the business has decreased significantly, not to mention the cost of renting the premises, which is a big burden for 8 establishments (Beauty Medi and H&H). Maintaining a minimum of staff in the absence of visitors and distance is a great effort. Airline and isolation restrictions disrupt the participation of foreign doctors from the US, South Korea … Without a team of specialized doctors, most of the operations at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi has stopped.

CEO Dang Thanh Hang with a team of American, Korean and Vietnamese doctors at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi

As the boat driver – how do you adapt to the emergence of an epidemic? How did you come up with a solution?

During the epidemic, the service sector was most affected. I have instructed my staff to complete the management process, meet KPI, focus work that is less prioritized when normally, increase training and improve the whole machine.
The critical services are also researched to build, increase the duration or increase utility to provide the best customer care. At the same time, I orient with high-tech, quality cosmetics to take care of the client’s skin, physique and body.

According to her, we will have to operate down the cycle of the times or be able to create our own “resistance”. With Thanh Hang Beauty Medi, what is “resistance”?

Self-proclaimed as a perfectionist, loves myself and values health, so my business point of view is towards natural beauty. “The most natural resistance” of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is the real business, mindfulness, and bringing true customer value, becoming the first choice in their mind.

How has your business plan and development orientation changed after the last Covid-19 season?

Although affected by the epidemic, but the pattern works & amp; The previous plans are still maintained. We will tailor the service packages to suit the conditions, time circumstances and financial support with customers. The flexibility of technology and knowledge transfer from foreign doctors to Vietnam with many years of experience has created trust and support from a large number of customers. For example, Thermage services, melasma treatment, freckles, skin beauty nutrients …

The H&H cosmetic and functional food retail chain operates extensively with the clinic model directly visited by dermatologists, consulting suitable products for each individual location. In which, the method of lifting muscles to regenerate the skin RH SKIN is loved by many customers because the quality is not inferior when you implement the Thermage rejuvenation method with reasonable price, suitable for post-translation economy.

H&H Health and Skincare Center chain, attracting many customers, reopened every day.

What helps you to believe that Thanh Hang Beauty Medi and H&H always keep different values in the market?

Sustainable values make for real connections. Once you believe in love and become loyal, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi and H&H will have the opportunity to take care of beauty and health for many people.

During the process of development, not only because of BEAUTY, but REAL VALUE and the word TAM for the profession have always existed in business philosophy. And hopefully, these are the motivations for many other businesses to firmly believe in overcoming the storms from the last epidemic season.

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