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“Love – Beauty – Life”: 30 Years In Pursuit of Truthfulness – Compassion – Beauty of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi



With the style of “always choosing the best, the best” of the owner Dang Thanh Hang, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi’s grand and splendid gala dinner brings together famous guests in the hotel space 6 Class star has left many unforgettable emotions in everyone’s heart.

Thanh Hang Beauty Medi’s team of Doctors – Masters – Doctors from the US – Korea and Top 3 Miss Vietnam 2018 in Love party – Beauty – Life

Give beauty in return of love

Love – Beauty – Life” begins with old color films being played back on the big screen in the middle of The Reverie Saigon banquet hall, re-enacting journey 30 year of Thanh Hang Group.

Starting from the famous Ha Thanh hand-branded cosmetics store in the 1990s, businessman Dang Thanh Hang is now the owner of the leading health and beauty group in Vietnam. With persistent efforts and the business philosophy of “tell the truth – do the truth – the real effect”, the establishment of the Thanh Hang Beauty Medi Health and Beauty Institute in 2010 is the result of the “must change, innovate to continue to develop ”of this businesswoman.

Chairman of Thanh Hang Group radiates “old beauty” at the 30-year anniversary party

Positioning the brand in the high-end segment, defining quality and safety is the top factor, Dang Thanh Hang accepts to offer a fairly high price for the service, because “At that price, we can only invite a team of highly skilled doctors in countries famous for beauty and aesthetics such as the US and South Korea. A good doctor will not accept working in an environment that lacks modern and standard equipment. Those are the first factors that helped us to stand firm and grow in the past 10 years. The next factor is that I am fortunate to have associates, employees who agree with my development strategy, always tell the truth, give compassionate advice to customers, and put customer satisfaction higher. corporate profits ”.

During the party night, in addition to the impromptu performances in the middle of the auditorium from the doctors who have been with Thanh Hang for 10 years, are a series of professional performances by leading Vietnamese artists. Male, from singers Thu Minh, Toc Tien, Tung Duong, Le Hieu … to dance sport couple Khanh Thi – Phan Hien.

Thu Minh shows off his powerful voice with the song “Diva”

Toc Tien is gentle with the song “Em đẹp nhất đêm nay”

Tung Duong is a familiar guest singer at every event of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi

Phan Hien – Khanh Thi couple with hot and seductive latin dance

The party night is also a place where stars share beauty secrets from Thanh Hang Beauty Medi themselves, including names whose beauty has become its own brand: Miss Tieu Vy, runner-up Phuong Nga, runner-up Thuy An, …

But above all, the most sincere and warmth is sharing from customers who have been faithful to Thanh Hang Beauty Medi for a long time since its inception. Such efficiency comes not only from the service but also from the service provider’s own mind and virtue.

Let’s take a look at the most striking and impressive images of the party nightLOVE – BEAUTY – LIFE:

Continue to write the story of 30 years – a journey dedicated to beauty

If at the beginning of the program, images from documentary videos show that a sharp and intelligent Dang Thanh Hang alone builds many famous brands in Hanoi, then right after that, people who love her I can completely rest assured when I see this fragile but very strong businesswoman is no longer “alone”. Next to her is a team of dedicated doctors, staff, and most of all, the solid inheritance of Nguyen The Anh’s son, who successfully led the supply chain of cosmetics, clean functional foods and spa. H&H (Healthy & Happy) since 2016.

Representatives of suppliers from Japan, USA, Germany, and Spain of H&H cosmetics, functional foods and spa supply chain

The image of The Anh assertive and confident on stage speaking about his strategies at H&H has completely made customers, who love Thanh Hang reassured.

Young CEO Nguyen The Anh – The bright successor of Thanh Hang Group

The present and the future, the 30-year inheritance of this talented woman has been, is and will be inherited, firmly followed by a generation of internationally trained and brilliant talent. create.

Some other pictures of other loyal customers of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi
(Take pictures at the back drop area before the event):

Miss Ha Kieu Anh (first from left) and beautiful Thuy Huong (third from left) are close customers of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi for many years.

Miss Dieu Hoa

Miss Vietnam 2016 – Do My Linh

Chairman Dang Thanh Hang and top 3 Miss Vietnam 2018

Singer Thu Ha

National School Actor

Actor Bao Thanh



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