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Dang Thanh Hang President’s Portrait

The person known as "The beautiful woman"

“Tell the truth, do real things, do real business” is what the Chairwoman of Thanh Hang Group, named “Beautiful Woman” has always kept in her mind during nearly 30 years of dedication in Beauty Industry. She is always presentable from appearance to life styles, professional at work and very conscientious about customers, Ms. Thanh Hang always makes herself attractive like the center of any event whenever appearing. She thinks that her true beauty, confidence and luxurious images will reflect what she does for customers, thereby creating prestige and deep trust with customers

Keeps pursuing true beauty and bringing the best and the most classy beauty to customers , Ms Dang Thanh Hang always strives to make every new day at Thanh Hang group in general and Thanh Hang Beauty medi in particular better and innovated than yesterday and in order that whenever mentioning to beauty services, customers will immediately think about “Beauty Empire” – Thanh Hang Beauty Medi among other “mixed good and bad” brands in this beauty market.

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The Importance Conferences Chairman Dang Thanh Hang attended

The prestige, quality and position of Thanh Hang Group in general, as well as Thanh Hang Beauty Medi and H&H in particular, are constantly affirmed by the Chairwoman Dang Thanh Hang with prestigious awards, important domestic and international seminars and conferences attended by the President. These are also important milestones marking the development of the career of Entrepreneur Dang Thanh Hang as well as of Thanh Hang Group.

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The old colour film of "Love -Beauty - Life" shown in a large screen at the banquet hall of The Reverie Saigon hotel reappeared the 30-year journey of Thanh Hang Group.

Starting business from a cosmetics store which was very famous for hand – carrying products in the years of 90s in Ha Noi, Ms. Dang Thanh Hang now has become the owner of a leading Group in the field of health care and beauty industry in Vietnam. With persistent efforts and the business philosophy of “tell the truth – do the truth – the real effect”, Ms. Thanh Hang established the Thanh Hang Beauty Medi Health and Beauty Institute in 2010. This establishment is the result of her thinking – “must change and create to continue to develop “.

During the party night, in addition to the impromptu performances in the auditorium from the doctors working with Thanh Hang for 10 years,there are also a series of professional performances by leading Vietnamese guest artists. Male, from singer Thu Minh, Toc Tien, Tung Duong, Le Hieu … to dance sport couple Khanh Thi – Phan Hien.

In all memorable moments, the most sincere and warmth moment is hearing shares from customers who have been faithful to Thanh Hang Beauty Medi all the way from the beginning of its establishment. Such efficiency comes not only from the service but also from the service provider’s own mind and virtue.

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In an effort to create a comprehensive beauty services model making customers "not only beautiful from outside but also healthy from inside", Thanh Hang Group launched a chain of cosmetics and functional foods and spa - Brand name H&H.

With criteria of working for the community health, for beauty of Vietnamese women, all products line of H&H brand is non-chemicals, 100%-natural ingredient and 100% imported from cosmetic leading countries such as Spain, Japan, etc.

In 2020, H&H performed a “great transformation” by deploying a new set of brand identity which is designed in younger, more modern and professional style. At the same time, the H&H clinics are developed in to larger scale to become a chain of H&H Skin and Health Care Centers, opening a new page with a “clean” and safe beauty orientation for Vietnamese consumers.

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Opening Beauty Medi Ho Chi Minh City

To meet the increasing needs and trust of customers, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi brand at Ho Chi Minh City established is an affirmation of its strong position in beauty industry.

Being located in a prime location at 9 Phung Khac Khoan, DaKao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Beauty Medi Branch with 5 star standard of architecture, interior and services has become the most reliable address for beauty services for showbiz celebrities, miss beauty, businessman and politicians.

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