Thanh Hang Beauty Medi



Thanh Hang Beauty Medi was established in 2010, operating in the beauty Industry with the top foreign doctors from USA and Korea and focusing on the high-end customers segment. Thanh Hang Beauty Medi has made a difference because this brand brings customers the best and the most classy services with most effective services performed by the World top’s doctors who are directly invited to work here by Ms. Dang Thanh Hang


– President Dang Thanh Hang

  • 30-year experience in the beauty industry
  • Bachelor of Transportation University
  • Beauty advisor for three consecutive seasons of Miss Vietnam 2014, 2016, 2018
  • Member of the Standing Committee of Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association (VKFA) (Class of 2018-2023)
  • Member of Executive Committee of Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council (VWEC)

– Deputy General Director Dang Thanh Ha

  • 25-year experience in the beauty industry
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of English, Certificate of Business Administration Training in IT in Tokyo
  • Certificate of Business Administration Training in Germany
  • As a diplomatic and cooperation connector between Thanh Hang Group and foreign partners



With 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and 10-year experience in the healthcare and beauty care industry, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is proud to be the No. 1 trusted brand in Vietnam of thousands of customers: from politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities to the most discerning customers. We commit to providing customers with the highest quality, reputation, and efficiency in services and products.

["Cosmetic Plastic Injection","Dermatology ","Semi Permanent Makeup ","Aesthetic laser","High-tech Aesthetics","Eyes, nose, chin and body cosmetic surgery","Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry"]


Vietnamese people can overcome all imperfections perfectly when coming to Thanh Hang Beauty Medi because each foreign doctor who is granted a practice certificate by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam will undertake a different specialized service. . 3 specialized: dental, dermatological and cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Plastic Injection

Directly consulted and treated by dermatologists from Korea and Vietnam


There are 2 main specialties at the Thanh Hang Beauty Medi Dermatology Clinic:

- Aesthetic Laser

- High-tech Aesthetics

Semi Permanent Makeup

Directly consulted and treated by Dermatologists from Korea

Aesthetic laser

Dr. Reza Torchizy whose 35 years of experience in the field of dermatology and cosmetic laser was very honored to receive Diamond Award for Thermage treatment. Korean dermatologists with more than 20 years of experience and Vietnam dermatologists with more than 10 years of experience have provided beauty treatments to many famous stars such as Miss Bui Bich Phuong, Artist Thuy Nga, Miss Dieu Hoa, etc

High-tech Aesthetics

Dr. Reza Torchizy whose 35 years of experience in the field of dermatology and cosmetic laser was very honored to receive Diamond Award for Thermage treatment. Korean dermatologists with more than 20 years of experience and Vietnam dermatologists with more than 10 years of experience have provided beauty treatments to many famous stars such as Miss Bui Bich Phuong, Artist Thuy Nga, Miss Dieu Hoa, etc

Eyes, nose, chin and body cosmetic surgery

Doctor - Master - Plastic Surgeon from Korea directly consulting and treating

Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry

Doctor - Master - Plastic Surgeon from Korea directly consulting and treating

Working environment


A strong corporation, a sustainable business must know how to use corporate culture as spiritual leverage, constantly urge the development, creative thinking and responsibility of each employee towards general benefits.



Not only known as a professional working environment, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is also a bridge to help employees have the opportunity to access, learn and expand relationships with domestic and international partners. Besides, employees also have opportunities to work with a team of leading international doctors and the most modern technologies in the world in the beauty industry.



Professional but not severe, Classy but still close is what any employee at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi can feel about working environment at Thanh Hang Group. In addition to hard working time of rushing for events, serving customers, employees also have happy and relaxing moments, play team building "forget the way back".

High-end products / services

High-quality beauty service

Directly consulted and treated by Dermatologists from Vietnam

Pigmentation - Freckles Treatment

A pigmentation treatment combines all 3 treatments: - Treatment with pigmentation technology from USA Laser Revlite (FDA certified technology for effectiveness) - Thalissi Vitamin ion electrolysis - Use skin whitening pills and Tennenbi Japanese cosmetics set with 100% natural ingredients + This is a process that has been studied for 10 years by American, Korean, and Vietnamese doctors + Commit to 90% efficiency

Skin Rejuvenation

Laser toning is a rejuvenating method for the skin with many new innovations compared to conventional laser technology. The combination of different short and long wavelengths suitable for each area of ​​skin treatment creates effective results. than expected, all skin blemishes will be thoroughly overcome.

In addition to the effect of rejuvenating the skin, minimizing wrinkles, Laser toning also makes the skin bright, smooth, and spotless. This technology is certified by the US FDA to be safe, effective and non-invasive, completely suitable for those who are in need of skin rejuvenation.

Treatment of acne, acne scars, large pores

The method of using Nano RF technology combining RF waves and micro needle methods (integrating many micro needles placed directly on the skin without rolling) has many outstanding advantages such as:
- Minimizing invasion
- The energy transmitted deep down to the dermis due to RF waves
- Being safe and not causing skin burns
- Be effective for every region evenly due to the fractional heat emission mechanism
Thereby helping to fill concave, pitting, acne scars; muscle lifting, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation; tighten pores, smooth skin.

THERMAGE - A pioneer and global leader in non-invasive skin tightening treatments.

Thanh Hang Beauty Medi uses the latest technology - Thermage FLX Plus. Thermage FLX Plus is a comprehensive rejuvenation technology that helps to restore loose, old collagen fibers; and at the same time produces and stimulates new collagen formation.

As a result, all wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, mouth, nose and cheeks are removed; Melts cheek fat, chin, creates a slim V-line face, at the same time tightens and firms your skin, making you look 10 years younger.

Body contouring by CoolSLIM

The Coolslim Therapy combines two of the latest American slimming technologies and FDA certified for safety and effectiveness, which is Coolsculpting fat coagulation and Super Slim skin firmness.

At the time the fat was cooled to -11 degrees Celsius, and the fat cells died and were excreted through the excretory system, leading American and Korean dermatologists at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi have researched that, If you intervene to increase the heat of the RF waves, the fat will be eliminated faster, the skin is firmer, the stretch marks almost disappear.

This is an exclusive solution at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi, which is successfully implemented by Dermatologists with 10 years of experience in thousands of customers, including Beauty Thuy Huong, Miss Jennifer Pham, Miss Miss Dieu. Hoa, Comedian Thuy Nga...

Fat loss by CoolSculpting

The Coolslim Therapy combines two of the latest American slimming technologies and FDA certified for safety and effectiveness, which is Coolsculpting fat coagulation and Super Slim skin firmness.

CoolSculpting freezing and eliminating fat technology helps control refrigeration at a fixed temperature of -11 degrees C for the time required, enough to crystallize and decompose fat cells. These cells die and are gradually eliminated by the body's natural metabolism (through the secretory system) without surgery, without anesthesia and without rest.

Fraxel Dual - Skin resurfacing treatment

Different from the traditional mechanism, the Fraxel digital skin replacement method at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is applied with the latest technology- Fractional Laser transmitting thousands of small and deep laser therapy in to the skin. This mechanism brings high efficiency to customers, requires very short time for recovery and rarely causes side effects.

Fraxel is recognized by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment for indications: treatment of melasma, melasma, wrinkles around the eyes and blurring of acne scars.

Vaginal Rejuvenation by RF

This is a method using rejuvenating technology - tightening the vagina from the US without surgery, without requiring recovery time, and can function normally right after treatment. Only 5 times of treatments, the vagina becomes pink, tight as 19 years old, thereby helping you to prevent gynecological diseases and prevent incontinence.

Firming & Lifting by ZLAC Threat Technique

Facial skin liftting by Medical Thread Zlac - Lift is just a method that uses medical threads to slip under the skin, forming firm pillars to support sagging facial muscles, making the skin firmer. These medical threads contain collagen and elastin that will automatically proliferate, making the skin softer and more youthful.

Face contouring by Filler

Facial cosmetic injection is a safe treatment injecting fillers (Hyaluronic Acid (HA)) into body areas to create desired contours and shapes. This beauty method has been loved by many top stars in Vietnam and the world. This method not only brings the delicate nose shape and perfect Vline's but also helps avoid surgery impact.

Chin correction filler

This is a method of using fillers to shape the chin as desired without surgery. The doctor will use the micro-needle tip to inject the essence into the chin, both injecting and shaping so that the client can have the desired chin shape. The filler essence when injected into the chin will quickly distribute evenly under the skin, making the chin more plump and longer.

Nose correction Filler

In the past, the most popular rhinoplasty is still artificial cartilage surgery. Nowadays, with the advancement of medicine, the non-surgical rhinoplasty method with fillers gradually replaces the method of artificial cartilage surgery and becomes more beloved method due to its superior advantages.

Demal Filler treatment on face

This is one of the most popular techniques to regain the youth in the shortest time all over the world, especially in Korea and Japan by injecting Filler(Restylane) directly into the body. Filler (Restylane) contacting with muscles and wrinkles will minimize activities of the muscles and wrinkles. For the areas of jaw with seriously sagging and rough shape, the combination of Filler and Botox shall be applied for making the face slim quickly.

Aesthetic Embroidery Services

Beauty Line embroidery technology exclusively at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is made directly by a Korean doctor - the first embroidery doctor in Vietnam - creates shapes and lines, suitable for each fashion style. , the skin color of each customer. No stereotypes, perfect results, youthful, beautiful rustic face without make-up. Commitment to safety, no scarring, American organic ink color, absolute safety.

Hair removal

Hair removal technology IPL - Revlite miraculously helps repel bushy "lead soldiers" in the arms, legs and even the bikini area. The process of regenerating a radiant, bright look for the skin is a great opportunity of restoring beauty that any women should not miss.

Eye cosmetic surgery services

Cosmetic eye surgery service at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is committed to Safety - No swelling - No pain - No scars - Fast recovery time - No need for rest. In addition, you will save a large amount of money when you do not need to fly to Korea, do not spend money on air ticket, accommodation and other expenses and effort to consider a good doctor et cetera, while you can still order the same high quality surgery services at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi with international 5-star facilities - the world-class skilled doctors having decades of experience in the profession and trusted by many famous people in Vietnam and worldwide

Nose plastic surgery services

S-Line rhinoplasty at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is a Korean technology rhinoplasty method, which is considered as the most optimal solution for East Asian nose defects: flat nose, rough nose and big nose This is a combination method of rhinoplasty and comprehensive nose shaping to create a perfect S-line nose, with natural curvature with high nasal bridge, slim tip, two nostrils. With 25 years of experience and high level of expertise, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi's team of Korean doctors, masters and doctors will help customers own a naturally beautiful nose. , delicate, perfectly accurate to the millimeter.

Chin cosmetic surgery services

With the reputation of leading experts from Korea, with modern technology of international standards, and FDA-certified machinery systems, customers can be completely assured with the absolute surgery process. Safe, sterile, painless and inflammatory, quick recovery time after only 5-7 days.

Body-contouring plastic surgery services

As one of the leading prestigious addresses in plastic surgery, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is proud to be the place to bring the most perfect, harmonious, natural beauty to all customers. With 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and 10 years in the field of healthcare and beauty care, possessing a team of Korean doctors, masters, and doctors over 25 years of experience, high professional qualifications, has been successfully conducting many body-contouring plastic surgery, this is a trusted destination for thousands of customers, including many politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities in Vietnam and Korea, even the most meticulous customers.

Implant dental services

The team of Korean Doctors - Dentists with 25 years of experience, trained in the US, has treated thousands of customers, including many famous stars such as Britney Spears, Korean star Claudia Kim, Chae Jung An, Lee Jin Wook ...
- Legal practice license in Vietnam and Korea - 100% US standard technology, crafted in Korea, the world's best German Implant pillar, elaborate Implant porcelain restorations in Korea (all have customs inspection papers) - Absolutely SAFE, precise manipulation to each millimeter, ensuring technical factors and ensuring no infection and complications after treatment

Veneers & Crowns Ceramic service

American and Korean Doctors of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi always work on the view of beautifying dentistry in accordance with the right techniques, both protecting strong teeth and ensuring high aesthetics for cusstomers when applying method of veneers/crown. This is the ideal choice for those who want to improve teeth quickly but still ensure safety and efficiency.

MTA Braces Service

MTA braces technology was born with many outstanding advantages such as no pain, reducing time of wearing braces - only 3-6 months, ensuring aesthetics. This technology can help anyone regardless of age have bright smiles. This technology is very popular worldwide and is present in Vietnam for the first time at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi.

Orthognathic surgery Services

The gummy smile surgery at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is one of the most popular orthopedic surgery methods today. Thanh Hang Beauty Medi is one of the leading health and beauty centers in terms of American standard cosmetic dental technique in Vietnam, in which, orthopedic surgery at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi will be completely performed by Korean doctors, helping a large number of customers get satisfactory results. with many outstanding advantages:

- Bring an impressive smile to customers
- Commitment to maximum safety
- No pain, no scarring
- Quick recovery
- Sustainable efficiency over time