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Does the value of beauty in aesthetics still exist in the 4.0 era?



Beautiful, quality, safe is a phrase that many people will think of as soon as they rekindled their intention to “transform their appearance”. However, in this 4.0 era, “beauty value in aesthetics” gradually fades, the above immutable rules no longer exist. Because the beauty salon’s profit is still on top. So is it true that in this era, true aesthetics no longer exist?

The desire to be more beautiful and perfect always exists in everyone. Also because of this, thousands of beauty salons were born with countless advertisements “great discounts” to attract customers. Doctors in the world without names, diplomas are still smiling on websites with over-photoshopped models. The fact that can be easily seen is that the advertising aesthetic and “lower the price” the more it brings the more risks to the customers.

A review of the Vietnamese aesthetic market, reputable and quality address only at the finger tips. Doctors are good and active with all their heart and only invest in sites “worthy” of them. It is very difficult for you to find a team of qualified and experienced 100% foreign doctors at any cosmetic address, even in big cities.

Talking to Dr. Reza Torchizy – Dr. Reza Torchizy – who has more than 10 years working in the field of cosmetology in Vietnam, used to beautify and received letters of thanks to 3 US presidents (Donald Trump, George Bush, Bill Clinton) said: “Aesthetics always have two sides of it, if the doctor is not skilled it is very dangerous for you, because it leads to many unpredictable complications. There are already many cosmetic sites in your country that invite me to work, but I cannot agree. Because I have my own principles. But with Thanh Hang different, she is a woman who loves beauty and is always a pioneer in technology with REAL business philosophy from Doctors, REAL quality and REAL service; I find in her things that I think are difficult to have aesthetic. That is why I and a team of 100% doctors from the US, Korea have worked closely with her – with Thanh Hang Beauty Medi continuously for more than 10 years ”.

General Director Thanh Hang Beauty Medi and a team of leading doctors from the US, Korea and Vietnam are certified by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health

Thanh Hang Beauty Medi Institute of health and beauty care is the top beauty choice for famous entrepreneurs, politicians and stars.

“Vietnamese people can overcome all shortcomings perfectly when coming to Thanh Hang Beauty Medi because each foreign doctor certified by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam here will be in charge of another specialized service. together. 3 specialized clinics (dentistry, dermatology and cosmetic surgery) and a team of experienced doctors for 10 years, we are very happy to have contributed to the perfect appearance of Vietnamese beauty with our own mind. of a doctor and from the direction of a beautiful beauty ”- Dr. Reza Torchizy.

Thus, the value of beauty in aesthetics still exists in prestigious places, as a beauty in the 4.0 era, you must be really alert and equip yourself with a lot of knowledge. Because beauty is also a way for you to invest and if you already invest, invest in proportion to your own value.


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