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Korean dentists pointed out the mistake of Vietnamese people when taking care of their teeth



Dr. Park Dong Won, PhD, Dentist Park Dong Won said that Vietnamese people often hesitate to check dentists, do not take proper care of their teeth and choose safe cosmetic methods.

Mr. Park Dong Won holds a Ph.D. in Cosmetic Dentistry from New York University.

– Doctor, what problems do Vietnamese people often have with their teeth?

– Vietnamese people have a concept that if the teeth are not too painful, they will not go to the dentist or buy and use painkillers by themselves, leading to a persistent dull disease, severe illness after many years. Overseas, around the age of 18-20, people have the habit of handling the number 8, but the problem of handling the number 8 too late is also common in Vietnamese people because of their lazy psychology, fear of tooth extraction. For people over 40 years old, there are many cases where the color of teeth is dull, black due to using antibiotics.

– So what mistakes do Vietnamese people often encounter in dental treatment and aesthetics?

People with uneven teeth, dislocated joints often do not get treatment because they are afraid of braces, tooth extraction.

In dental aesthetics, most people are aesthetic according to the trend, preferring to coat porcelain teeth to have a beautiful smile, but do not learn the origin of the types of porcelain, the method of making and choosing the wrong porcelain color. Currently there are many different types of porcelain, people need reputable cosmetic facilities for expert advice and choose the best raw materials. At Thanh Hang Beauty Medi, porcelain teeth materials are crafted in Korea with American standard technology to help the porcelain color up naturally like real teeth and have high durability.
– What is the problem? Should someone have cosmetic surgery, doctor?

For people with irregular teeth, having problems with eating, so the braces to help the teeth look beautiful and chew well. For people with cavities, teeth discoloration should make porcelain teeth. The ceramic coating will help the teeth to be healthy, limit damage, and make teeth more beautiful and more confident.

Those who lose teeth will lead to bone resorption, affecting the ability to eat and chewing, affecting the jaw frame in the long run, so dentures should be inserted according to the Implant method.

– When cosmetic teeth, patients should pay attention to factors that determine durability and which factors determine beauty?

Dental aesthetic and dental restorations go through a strict process including: examination, consultation and face-appropriate treatment for the patient to have the most harmonious smile. After the treatment process, the dentist also has to monitor and examine the teeth regularly so that the patient has healthy teeth and does not suffer from problems such as gingivitis, bleeding teeth …

– Which cases should not make porcelain teeth?

When teeth are a bit thin, warped, teeth color is not too dull, then braces should be used to preserve real teeth. Porcelain crowns are not always good. There are cases where patients with uneven porcelain teeth, no joints also lead to gingivitis, unable to chew food, requiring treatment. I think that the responsibility of the dentist is very important, it is necessary to advise the patient how to look beautiful and preserve the optimal real teeth. In addition to aesthetics, dentists need to take care of mental health and encourage patients to be confident in the intervention process.

Model Duong Mac Anh Quan has cosmetic surgery at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi.

– How to take care of the patient after treatment, cosmetic surgery?

Vietnamese people often think that after only cosmetic treatment, teeth will be forever beautiful. That is a misconception because teeth like every other part of the body need regular care. You should see your doctor regularly according to the cycle indicated as: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. After aesthetics, teeth are not weaker as many people think but also age over time so must be preserved.

– Why did you decide to work in Vietnam and choose Thanh Hang Beauty Medi?

The team of doctors working at Thanh Hang Beauty Medi.

What incentives does Thanh Hang Beauty Medi have for the team of doctors for you to stick with for more than 10 years?

Here maintain a model of beauty services under a closed process such as: muscle lift and skin tightening with Thermage, skin beauty injection, laser skin rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, providing clean cosmetic products and functional foods … Dentists will have to cooperate with cosmetologists, dermatologists to choose the best cosmetic treatments for customers.

I highly recommend this effective combination. I have also worked with many foreign doctors, with expertise and high degrees such as: Dr. Torchizy, Thermage therapist who used to beautify 3 generations of US President, Dr. Shin Dong Min, plastic surgeon. beauty beauty for many celebrities …

In addition, Thanh Hang Beauty Medi has a very good working environment, providing maximum technical conditions and facilities for our team of medical doctors and doctors to work with peace of mind.

Personally, I always take responsibility for the patient. When treating patients I want to follow up and support them in the long term, so I have worked for more than 10 years to be able to meet and treat former clients of Thanh Hang Beauty Medi.

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